An overview of TILTS' history and activities is available HERE (PDF file, IN LATVIAN)

Sveiki! and Welcome! to TILTS

TILTS is incorporated in the U.S.A. as a non-profit organization with the objective to foster Latvian culture and education. The English translation of TILTS is BRIDGE, symbolizing the building of a bridge for cultural interaction and enrichment between Latvians in Latvia and those residing abroad.

TILTS is a global organization, and our membership is not limited or related to any specific geographical location.

TILTS is a member of the Latvian American Association, the Latvian Foundation and the Council of Latvian organizations in New York. We regularly communicate and cooperate with the Ministry of Culture and other governmental offices in Latvia.

Our major goals at TILTS are:

  • To foster the appreciation of the Latvian language, ethnic traditions, history and culture.
  • To promote Latvian culture among Americans of Latvian descent by arranging cultural events and by recognizing contributors to this culture.
  • To form a bridge for cultural interaction between Latvians in Latvia and those abroad.
  • To disseminate information in America pertaining to Latvia and its achievements.
  • To foster the preservation of Latvian identity, placing particular emphasis on support of schools and youth in Latvia.

Please follow the menu items for more information or to visit our site in Latvian. Our most recent activities are documented in our most recent Annual Review.

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